The Co-op Power Hour: Immigrant Run Co-operatives

Today on the Co-op Power Hour, co-hosts Jason Wiener and Paul Bindel look at how co-operatives are benefiting immigrant communities which are often vulnerable to exploitation in the workplace.

We’ll hear about some immigrant run co operatives in the Boulder/Denver metro area.

Today we hear from representatives of Community Language Co-op, a Denver based co-op made up of translators and interpreters who utilize their bilingual abilities to help others and obtain a fair wage for their services. The majority of interpreters are women and this job opportunity allows for them to utilize their unique talents and bring depth of conversation critical to community development, and a more inclusive society; and Green Taxi Co-operative, founded in 2015 as a driver-owned co-op serving the Denver/Boulder metro area.


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    The Co-op Power Hour: Immigrant Run Co-operatives KGNU News


The Co-op Power Hour is broadcast on the 4th Thursday of every month at 6pm on KGNU’s It’s the Economy. It is produced by the Colorado Co-operative Study Circle.

It looks at co-operatives as business models that are owned and run jointly by their members, who share the profits or benefits.

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    The Co-op Power Hour: Immigrant Run Co-operatives KGNU News




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