Rob Prince was arrested for protesting the Jewish National Fund. Hear his story

Jewish Voice for Peace organized a traffic blockade on Speer Boulevard by the Colorado Convention Center, which was hosting the Jewish National Fund’s Global Conference for Israel. December 3, 2023. Photo Courtesy of Rob Prince/Remy Kachadourian.

There have been dozens and dozens of arrests across the country of those protesting for a ceasefire in Gaza.

On KGNU’s airwaves, we’ve been keeping listeners updated on the dozens of students arrested on the Auraria campus in Denver for protesting the university’s funding of Israel’s murder of Palestinians.

Here, we’re focusing on a different pro-Palestine demonstration that also led to many arrests – 15 people – mostly members of Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) – were arrested last December for civil disobedience, while protesting in solidarity with Palestine. They were standing up against the Jewish National Fund’s Conference (JNFC) in Denver. There was a court hearing earlier this month, on April 16th, and there will be another on May 10.

Rob Prince being escorted by sheriffs. Prince was arrested for civil disobedience following Jewish Voice for Peace’s demonstration on December 3, 2023. Photo Courtesy of Rob Prince.

Rob Prince, former senior lecturer of international studies at Denver University, was among them. KGNU volunteer Remy Kachadourian interviewed Price about his experiences.

Perlmutter and his “Free Palestine” partners are charged with committing three misdemeanors on December 3, 2023, when they blocked traffic on Speer Boulevard by the Colorado Convention Center, which was hosting the Jewish National Fund’s Global Conference for Israel. The fifteen defendants sat in a circle and bound their arms together with makeshift tubes composed of duct tape and metal wiring, refusing to leave after being ordered to do so by police.


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