Community Music Night: Protest Edition

Community Music Night has become a tradition in Boulder that brings professional and amateur musicians together to perform music and engage the entire community.

On Thursday June 22nd, the Boulder Theater will be hosting a protest edition of the Community Music Night featuring dozens of musicians, performers and members of the community. Trish Zornio, the creator of Community Music Night tells KGNU’s Sarah Dalgleish that the event started on her front porch.

“I’d been in a car accident and wasn’t able to really get around and I started inviting friends over to my house using music as a sort of therapy if you will. And it started with maybe 6 or 10 of us taking turns playing and by the end of the summer we had over 100 people on my front porch.”

Zornio says the current political climate lends itself to these type of community musical events, where people want to feel a sense of connection.

“Music has such a draw for a number of reasons, and it can create emotions that really enhance what everyone is already thinking and feeling. And so if you look back over decades, some of the most prolific protests are associated with songs, and people bring those out as a way to express that creativity and those thoughts. And some times it’s an easier way for people to do it and come together and band around that, so we’d like to give everyone that opportunity to come down on Thursday night and do that with us and have a moment of unity.”


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    Community Music Night: Protest Edition KGNU News


Community Music Night:  Protest Edition will feature local musicians, artists, comedians, and actors, as well as local politicians and activist groups and non-profits.


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    Community Music Night: Protest Edition KGNU News

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