Chefs, lentils, and the sandwiches of spring

From left to right: Chef Dan Asher, Chef Kyle Mendenhall, John Lehndorff, and Marcy Miller from Organic Sandwich Company
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    Chefs, lentils, and the sandwiches of spring Ringo Joon


How do you transform lentils into a palate delight? Where can you find zesty spring arugula? What’s the secret to serving lion’s mane mushrooms into steak? How do you make rhubarb-ade? Where IS Heine’s Market?

On Kitchen Table Talk hosts John Lehndorff (of Radio Nibbles) and chef Dan Asher (of River & Woods) welcomed veteran Boulder chef Kyle Mendenhall and Marcie Miller, owner of the Organic Sandwich Company in Boulder and Louisville.

They answered great cooking questions from KGNU listeners and tasted sandwiches and chef Asher’s creamy lentils with pickled radish and olive oil.

You can read John’s Nibbles column in the Boulder Weekly about a new Denver cookbook featuring the recipes and stories of new Colorado immigrants and refugees at:



Ringo Joon

Ringo Joon


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