Prison Story Project: On The Row

Since 2011 the Northwest Arkansas Prison Story Project has been sending teams of writers into prisons, leading writing workshops with the inmates, and then developing readers’ theater scripts that are performed by professional actors both for the inmates who write the material and for public audiences.


In the summer of 2016, the Prison Story Project undertook its most challenging initiative.  Eight inmates housed on Arkansas’ Death Row met with Prison Story Project workshop leaders once a month from May through September to read and discuss imaginative literature and write in response to issues, themes and problems raised by it.  The result is On the Row which will be performed in Boulder at CU Thursday October 19th.

We hear from Kathy McGregor, Project Director of The Prison Story Project, and David Jolliffe, Brown Chair in English Literacy at the University of Arkansas. They’ll both be at the performance on Thursday and will participate in a Q and A following the event.


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    Prison Story Project: On The Row KGNU News


The Prison Story Project: On the Row and post-performance discussion happens on Thursday, October 19, at the Glenn Miller Ballroom, UMC, CU Boulder. The performance is at 5:30-6:30 with a Q&A following the show.

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    Prison Story Project: On The Row KGNU News

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