Doxxing and passing a ceasefire resolution, Hemispheres, March 26, 2024

Ruckus (she/her) is a Boston based community organizer. She has shown up for the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement against Israeli apartheid since 2014. She toured the West Bank, Jerusalem, and Jaffa with Eyewitness Palestine in 2016 learning about the conditions of youth incarceration by Israel throughout historic Palestine. Her experience in antifascist organizing, Palestine solidarity work, and prison abolition organizing have offered her opportunity to learn about the ways in which settler colonial states and fascist organizations use doxxing, online harassment, surveillance, and information security breaches to destabilize people targeted for criminalization as well as movements for liberation.

KB is a community organizer & movement technologist who works with grassroots activists to cultivate holistic security and community power. They came out of the anarchist hacker scene in San Francisco, and spent the Trump years organizing in Boston antiracism networks and working with a Boston-based digital security collective called ActSecure. They now live and organize in Western Mass where they work with Western Mass Showing Up for Racial Justice and the Coalition for Palestine. They have recently supported the passage of Ceasefire resolutions in Northampton, Amherst and Greenfield, MA.

Just to update: On April 3rd, 2024 — Easthampton because the 4 city in that region to pass a ceasefire.


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    Doxxing and passing a ceasefire resolution, Hemispheres, March 26, 2024 Myrna Morales

Myrna Morales

Myrna Morales


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