Poet Exposes Injustices & Promotes Self-Love

Our Guest is Topaz Hooper, a world traveler, poet, writer, and artist based out of Boulder, Colorado. She has spent the better part of her life writing poetry about world injustice, living in a queer-friendly household, being a person of color in predominantly white spaces, love, and relationships. Her poetry book, My Mind’s Eye: Poetry and Visual Art on Social Justice, Philosophy and Identity is a compilation of 17 years of poetry and original paintings highlighting her lived experience.

Today, on World Radio Day 2023, Rossana Longo-Better speaks with Topaz, who enjoys traveling and blogging about her experiences. You can visit her blog at: www.topazhooper.com. Topaz Hooper’s next performance will be at the Trident Cafe on March 16th from 6:30 to 8 p.m.


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    Poet Exposes Injustices & Promotes Self-Love Rossana Longo-Better

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Storytellers of Color airs on the second Monday of each month as part of A Public Affair on KGNU. The major goal of the show is to provide a safe space for communicators of color through a series of conversations, to elevate their voices, and discuss issues of equality in the media. The Colorado News Collaborative working groups, including Latinx Voices from Voices Colorado Project, and Journos of Color Network inspired the show.

The Storytellers of Color series are a collaborative effort, with an open invitation to other storytellers to come into our airwaves, tell their stories, and occupy the safe space we provide every second Monday of the month.


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    Poet Exposes Injustices & Promotes Self-Love Rossana Longo-Better

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Rossana Longo-Better


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