Gross Reservoir residents must claim award payment, Federal Funding to help small towns remove forever chemicals in drinking water


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    03_21_2024 MornHeadlines Kennedy Pickering

Federal Funding for removing forever chemicals in drinking water in small Colorado Towns

Federal Funding is available to help small Colorado towns remove so-called “forever chemicals” from their drinking water.

According to the Colorado Sun, nearly $86 million in federal dollars is headed for these communities. But the concern is whether it will be enough to do all of the cleanup.

The toxic PFAS compounds get washed into the water supply from things such as Teflon, firefighting foam, and waterproof cosmetics.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is giving grants to small and disadvantaged communities to help with cleanup costs.

Colorado lawmakers are also working on new legislation to address the widespread contamination.

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Personal data might have been stolen

The Office of the Colorado State Public Defender has acknowledged personal data may have been stolen during a ransomware attack that crippled the statewide agency in early February.

According to the Denver Post the files “were copied without permission” during the cyberattack and may have included names, Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers, medical information and health insurance information.

Officials from the public defender’s office are still investigating whose personal data may have been stolen, and whether the personal data of attorneys or their clients was compromised. The public defender’s office also would not disclose the amount of ransom demanded or whether a ransom was paid. 

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Households must claim reservoir award payment

Time is running out to access funds to mitigate the effects of Denver Water’s Gross Reservoir expansion project.

Under a 2021 agreement between Denver Water and Boulder County, $5 million [dollars] has been set aside to compensate those impacted by sound, dust, light and traffic in the vicinity of the Gross Reservoir expansion. Property owners must meet a minimum impact standard to be eligible for compensation.

Gross Reservoir is located in Boulder County and was originally completed in 1954. South Boulder Creek flows out of the dam.

In order to receive compensation, property owners must file a claim with the Gross Reservoir Mitigation Fund by April 30th. As of March 19, there were still 50 remaining claims that have not been sent in or uploaded to the online form submission application.

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Coach Prime closing keynote speaker at The Conference of World Affairs

Colorado Buffalo coach Deion Sanders was announced yesterday as the closing keynote speaker at this year’s Conference on World Affairs.

The three-day Conference on World Affairs, from April 9 through the 12, will have experts from around the country to discuss present-day issues. This year, there will be 70 panel discussions, performances, and keynote events with the theme of leadership, global equity, and the next 100 years.
Coach Sanders’s lecture will start at 2 p.m. on April 12 in Macky Auditorium. He is expected to discuss his leadership on and off the field, including how he attempts to inspire the next generation, his team, his colleagues, and his children.
The event is free and open to the public, with 40% of the tickets reserved for CU students, and tickets are required.

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