New Psychedelics Laws In Colorado – What’s Legal And What’s Not?

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Let’s say you attend a conference and a speaker is sharing psychedelic mushrooms they grew themselves, you go to and 21+ party in Denver and a person working at the door hands you free psilocybin-infused gummy samples, or you hear about a free “magic mushroom” exchange at a Mile High City coffeeshop. Is all that legal or illegal?

This time on the Cannabis Report longtime plant medicine correspondent Leland Rucker, offers some clarification on some of the new psychedelic laws in Denver and statewide.

The Cannabis Report – March 21st, 2024


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    New Psychedelics Laws In Colorado – What’s Legal And What’s Not? Hannah Leigh

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Hannah Leigh

Hannah Leigh

Hannah Leigh has been a volunteer and staff reporter, host, and digital producer for KGNU since 2012. She's also a professional podcast producer and freelance reporter.

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