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Immersive is the style du jour, from Denver’s psychedelic Meow Wolf or beguiling Van Gogh exhibit, to the “liquid sky” music shows at Boulder’s Fiske Planetarium. Even the Barbie movie and the reopened Casa Bonita restaurant are being billed with the ubiquitous term.

For food lovers and cooks, summer and fall have always been fully engrossing experiences. If you are passionate about savoring the fleeting flavors of fresh, locally grown produce, the place to embrace the season is at a roadside farm stand.

Click the arrows on the side of the map to expand for more details about each stand.

Map by Jacob Agatston and Alexis Kenyon

Farmers markets are convenient, but they’re really just a tease for the real thing taking place every day along the dusty backroads of Boulder County. When you stop at a stand, you can see the crops growing and smell the soil, meet the farmers, and escape into the vegetable multiverse.

With the prime of the harvest ahead, many stands have just reopened, including Red Wagon Farm in Lafayette and Boulder’s Munson Farms.

While the season is at its peak, use the following alphabetical directory to find Boulder County farm stands. Let us know what
we missed: [email protected].

Check out John Lehndorff’s Boulder Weekly Article on farm stands here.

Alexis Kenyon

Alexis Kenyon


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