Sensi: Corporate to Cannabis

In this month’s edition of Sensi magazine, Leland Rucker meets with several former corporate executives who have moved into the cannabis industry.

“Dasheeda Dawson was an executive at Target, Roy Bingham a whiz-kid English banker. Stormy Simon worked her way to president of, while Lindsay Kritzer marketed consumer health products at Kimberly-Clark. Linda Gilbert was a pioneering marketing researcher in the natural foods industry.”

Despite finding success in their respective corporate areas, they have all found themselves now working in the cannabis industry.

“These are people who just didn’t quite fit into the corporate structure. It’s not that they didn’t like their jobs, or the prestige and compensation those jobs provided, but the cannabis industry seemed a more inviting way to bring their own specific expertise into a market that’s less restrictive and more creative.”


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    Sensi: Corporate to Cannabis KGNU News

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    Sensi: Corporate to Cannabis KGNU News

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