Interview with Creativity Alive’s SEEN Team

KGNU’s Media Gardens coordinator, Martín Better Longo, spoke with SEEN Team members, Hannah Berns and Taylor Robinson, about the exhibits and performances they are launching on Friday, April 7th, 5:30 -8 pm at OZO’s Coffee East Pearl, Boulder. The SEEN team is made up of a group of Boulder High School students who are collaborating with Creativity Alive, a multi-disciplinary community arts organization in Boulder, to cultivate mental health and human connection through artistic events.

The visual art will be on display April 3rd – 30th, and the next series will be installed at OZO Coffee for the month of May with another opening set of performances on May 7th.


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    Interview with Creativity Alive’s SEEN Team Martín Better Longo


– Music by Adhara

Adhara is an imaginative artist writing poetry, singing, song-writing & creating in multiple medias combined with practices of yoga, dance and healing arts. Growing up in the lush green forest of Tennessee, she was immersed in connection with the natural world which offered comfort and inspiration through a difficult childhood. She has now lived in Colorado most of her life, and enjoys like-minded community and abundant natural beauty here. This core relationship with life honoring rhythms still guides her body-intuitive practice and unique artistic flow.

Martín Better Longo

Martín Better Longo

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