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    Headlines – June 22, 2023 Por Jaijongkit

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Polis Seeks Authority to Pardon Psychedelic Drug Crimes

Denver is hosting the Psychedelic Science conference this week, bringing together celebrities and well-known supporters of alternative medicine, from author Michael Pollan to former football star Aaron Rodgers.

Also attending the event was Governor Jared Polis. Polis told attendees Wednesday that he wants the state legislature to give him the authority to issue pardons to people convicted in relation to psychedelic drugs. He said this will give those pardoned a clearer path to employment opportunities.

Voters narrowly approved Proposition 122 in November of 2022, making Colorado the second state in the nation after Oregon to legalize the use of psilocybin. Psilocybin is the psychedelic substance found in “magic mushrooms.”

Polis also said he wants federal and private insurance groups to include and pay for psychedelic therapies, which are used to treat mental health illnesses such as anxiety, depression and PTSD.

Colorado Law That Allowed Child Abuse Victims to File Decades-Old Suits Struck Down

The Colorado Supreme Court struck down the Child Sexual Abuse Accountability Act on Tuesday.

The act, passed in 2021, permitted victims to sidestep the statute of limitations on child sex abuse crimes, allowing them to seek damages against individuals and organizations.

The Supreme Court cited the state constitution as the primary reason for throwing out the law, owing to a clause stating that laws cannot be retroactively applied to prior actions.

Colorado Economic Forecasts Predict Bigger TABOR Refunds in 2024 

As a result of the predicted 2023 fiscal year revenue, the state of Colorado may refund over $3.3 billion under TABOR, the Taxpayers Bill of Rights. This is over 20% more than what had been predicted when officials released quarterly forecasts in March.  

The projected refund amount depends on if voters pass Proposition HH this fall.  

Proposition HH would lower state taxpayers’ property taxes while also reducing the overall amount refunded under TABOR for the 2023 fiscal year

Proposition HH also calls for a flat refund to all state taxpayers, rather than returning to the tiered system that had been in place prior to the pandemic.   

Colorado Says No to Tiger King’s Presidential Ballot Bid

The Colorado Secretary of State’s Office says the imprisoned Joseph Maldonado, also known as Joe Exotic, is not eligible to run for president through the state’s 2024 ballot. 

Maldonado, the subject of the Netflix documentary, “Tiger King,” announced on his personal campaign website that he chose to get on the ballot in Colorado because of its low entry fee of $500.

A state spokesperson told The Denver Post that Maldonado will get his check back along with a copy of the rules for getting on the ballot. The former Oklahoma zookeeper convicted of trying to have his rival assassinated is not eligible because he did not personally sign the paperwork and is not on a major party’s candidate list.

Maldonado did not declare a party affiliation. He ran for Oklahoma governor in 2018 and lost.

Colorado Parks Officials Urge Visitors to Leave Wildlife Alone

Colorado Parks officials are asking the public to give wild animals and their young space to avoid dangerous conflicts.

The announcement comes after several different park visitors accidentally “kidnapped” fawns and a moose died after jumping off a parking structure. Wildlife experts say mother deer often leave fawns alone for hours while they seek food. According to a Parks press release, fawns often have to be euthanized if no rehab centers have the space to raise them.

On Sunday, a bull moose crowded by people taking pictures after it wandered into a parking structure leapt to its death from the top floor.

A district wildlife manager told The Colorado Sun, “Wild animals need a sense of safe exits.”

And on Monday, a man in Coal Creek Canyon was seriously injured when a startled mother moose with her calf trampled him on a trail. 

Fines Announced for Crossing Express Lane Line

Drivers who do not follow express lane rules along the Mountain Corridor will be fined for violations starting Friday.

The Colorado Department of Transportation announced the change Monday. Motorists in the express lane are not allowed to weave across solid yellow lines or use the lanes when they are closed except in an emergency such as a breakdown.

Oversized vehicles are also not allowed to use the express lane. That means vehicles longer than 25 feet or having more than two axles.

7 People Injured, Nearly 100 Treated on Scene as Hail Pelted Red Rocks

Almost 100 concert-goers were sent running for cover as hail fell down on them at the Red Rocks Amphitheater last night. 

West Metro Fire tweeted that seven people were transported to nearby hospitals with non-life threatening injuries and that about 80 to 90 others were treated on scene. West Metro Fire said the injuries included cuts and broken bones.

The concert was postponed. Louis Tomlinson, the performer scheduled for last night, posted a statement sending well wishes to his fans.

Casa Bonita’s Reopening Date Announced

Coloradans received some long-awaited news Wednesday: the renovated Casa Bonita will reopen to the public on June 23 to 24.

The restaurant, now under the ownership of “South Park” creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, is offering tickets for select dates.

A restaurant email to subscribers said limited dates will be made available on a rolling basis.

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    Headlines – June 22, 2023 Por Jaijongkit

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