Headlines — August 5, 2022

August 4, 2022


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    Headlines — August 5, 2022 kiara

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Polis Administration Announces New Steps And Resources To Combat Monkeypox In Colorado

The federal government officially announced monkey pox as a public health emergency yesterday. Gov. Jared Polis said Colorado will increase vaccine clinics, expand testing and treatments. According to the press release, Colorado has been responding to monkeypox with testing at the state laboratory, and hosting clinics to administer the limited vaccine supply from the federal government since- mid-may.

The state has a data dashboard that it updates at 10 a.m. Tuesday-Friday. As of August 4, Colorado has 79 cases. 

People who have symptoms of monkeypox, such as fever, headache, muscle and backaches, swollen lymph nodes, chills, exhaustion and respiratory symptoms, or people who think they have been exposed to monkeypox should contact a health care provider to discuss testing.

Boulder Crews Contain Structure Fire On Fifth Street

Fire crews responded to a house fire at 1033 fifth street at around 8 PM Thursday. Boulder Fire And Rescue were able to contain the fire to one structure with no injuries. Boulder Fire-Rescue spokeswoman Marya Washburn told The Daily Camera that residents may see and smell smoke for some time, and crews will remain on scene.

Former Boulder Swim Coach Formally Charged With Sexual Assault

A former Boulder swim coach has been charged with three counts of sexual assault on children. Jon Michael Beber coached the Boulder Swimming club team from 1997 to 2002. 

The Daily Camera said, according to a witness who was with Colorado Swimming at the time, Colorado Swimming received only ‘rumor and speculation’ and no formal complaints were filed. The witness said parents decided not to take further action after Beber resigned from the team in 2002 when confronted with the allegations.”

A third witness came forward and said that she would regularly visit Beber’s apartment while she was 16 and 17 and her teammates told police they two confirmed at the time they were in a “relationship.”

USA Swimming was the subject of multiple lawsuits in 2020 in California that alleged the organization of not protecting their swimmers against assault. 

Beber is free on a $30,000 bond and has a preliminary hearing Oct. 10.

Boulder City Council Passes A New Guide To Guide The Parks And Recreation For The Next Couple Of Years

The Boulder City Council voted to change and update the 2014 Parks and Recreation Department’s master plan Thursday. The new plan designates Parks and Recreation staff to support low-income areas, older adults, and those  with disabilities. 

At Thursday’s meeting staff said they would need about 5 million more to properly staff the department, maintain community spaces and keep pace with the community’s expectations.

“Recognizing our critical role in promoting community health and well-being, this master plan includes policy guidance that will help us ensure that Boulder’s tax investments in parks and recreation are optimized for community benefit,” said  Senior Manager Regina Elsner according to the daily camera. 

The Parks and Recreation Department currently gets about $29 million dollars in funding according to the department’s report

The new master plan will identify new sources of funding, with one of them being philanthropy to fund the department.

 Tina Peters’ Primary Loss Stands After Recount 

After weeks of fighting and getting arrested, Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters finally got the recount for the republican secretary of state she was hoping for Thursday.  Peters lost to her opponent Pam Anderson by 88,578 votes.

In order for there to have been a recount, Peters had to come up with $255,000- which she largely gathered from out-of-state donors after appearing on a webcast by the former president Donald Trump’s old advisor, Steve Bannon. According to 9 news, she received around 5,000 donations. 

Even though Peters is still the Mesa County Clerk, she cannot contact her office, or report to work due to felony charges related to a security breach.

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    Headlines — August 5, 2022 kiara

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