Xcel is getting questions about why so many people were caught off guard by power outage


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    Xcel is getting questions about why so many people were caught off guard by power outage Alexis Kenyon

BoCo food bank lost thousands of meals during power outage and says Xcel’s warning came after they had already closed for the weekend

A Louisville food bank was forced to discard approximately 2,000 pounds of food this week after Xcel Energy cut power during the weekend’s winter event for nearly 40 hours. Xcel says a company representative called Louisville’s Community Food Share on Friday to inform them of a possible power cut. However, the call came after regular business hours, and a food bank director told The Denver Post they were unaware of the outage until Sunday.

The prolonged outage compelled the food bank to dispose of thousands of pounds of food, including prepared meals and dairy products.

The Post reports that Community Food Share assists up to 5,000 people each month.

The president of the Colorado branch told KGNU they decided to cut power before any disasters to minimize the risk of downed lines causing a wildfire. However, the decision has faced widespread criticism from customers who claim they received insufficient warning.

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Polis asks Public Utilities Committee to review Xcel’s communication with public about power outages

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis is urging the state Public Utilities Commission to review Xcel’s public communication regarding the decision to proactively cut power to thousands of customers in the Boulder-Denver area.

In a letter to Xcel, he expressed his shared disappointment and frustration with many Coloradans over the company’s decision to “proactively cut power, its slow restoration of power, and its insufficient communication with customers.”

Polis asked for the Public Utilities Commission to “open a formal docket to fully understand the failures of this past week.”

Xcel is also facing lawsuits alleging the company has not done enough to prevent historic wildfires across the US.  Boulder area homeowners filed a suit in December saying Xcel’s power lines caused the Marshall Fire. 

The Boulder County Commissioners issued a statement yesterday acknowledging Xcel’s decision as understandable in a community still recovering from the December 2021 Marshall Mesa wildfire

The Boulder County Commissioners  noted that two or three days without electricity can lead to significant financial hardship for some and negatively impact the health and well-being of community members. Xcel announced yesterday that they expected to have power fully restored to all customers by last night.

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A gun bill to help police better track gun sales is on Gov. Polis desk

A bill that would monitor the sale of guns and ammunition in Colorado has passed its final legislative hurdle. Senate Bill 24-066 was approved by the State House on Monday.

If Gov. Jared Polis signs it into law, credit card companies will be required to provide a four-digit code at the point-of-payment for firearms and ammunition.

According to FOX31, the bill’s sponsors claim the codes will assist law enforcement in tracking gun sales if credit card companies detect any suspicious patterns of activity. Critics argue the bill will impose additional bureaucracy on individuals purchasing firearms or ammunition with a credit card.

The bill is the first of several gun-related proposals this session to reach Gov. Polis’ desk. If he signs the bill, opponents have indicated they will challenge it in court.

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Christian Glass case jury selection

Jury selection has begun in the second-degree murder trial of a former Clear Creek County sheriff’s deputy charged with the shooting death of Boulder’s Christian Glass.

On June 11, 2022, Christian Glass called 911 around midnight, stating he had gotten his car stuck in Silver Plume, Colorado, and required assistance. When officers arrived, the prosecution alleges Glass was experiencing a mental health crisis.

Officers attempted for over an hour to persuade Glass to exit the vehicle. Police reports indicate that then-deputy Andrew Buen shattered one of the car’s windows and shot Glass with a bean bag round. The situation escalated, leading to Glass being tased and then fatally shot.

Buen faces charges of second-degree murder, official misconduct, and reckless endangerment.

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Another wolf kill 

Colorado has experienced another wolf attack on livestock, marking the second occurrence in less than a week.

The most recent incident took place in Jackson County, northwest of Boulder, where a wolf killed a calf on Sunday, as reported by The Daily Camera. State wildlife officials have identified four wolves in the area and confirmed that the injuries on the calf’s remains are consistent with wolf depredation.

At least twelve wolves are known to reside in Colorado, including ten reintroduced in Grand County last December. It isn’t known whether one of those wolves was involved in last weekend’s kill. The owner of the calf may be eligible for reimbursement of the calf’s fair market value, provided by Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

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