Technology’s Influence on Art and Art Education

This segment answers questions directed by the hosts of Tech Talks around technology. Six questions were addressed in this segment regarding technology’s influence in art and art education. Host:  Lena Weisman, Guest: Jennifer McLees; Skyline High School Teacher and Visual Performing Arts Director

Question 1: How long have you been involved in the field of art and art education?

Jennifer McLees is the Visual Performing Arts Director and a teacher at Skyline high school.  She has been teaching art for 18 years.

Question 2: Since you have been in the field of teaching art, have you seen a change with the influence of technology in the classroom?

Yes, McLees has seen a change in technology and in its use in the classroom since she has begun teaching. It has grown and developed over time changing the way that an art classroom functions. Art teachers now work towards incorporating more technology in the classroom.

Question 3: What art courses require the use of computers and/or software that previously did not and How do you now use this technology?

Technology is increasingly being added  into all art classes from painting to ceramics. However, It is more commonly seen in the 2D and 3D art classes where teachers are not only teaching hands on skills, but also the skills of illustrator, photoshop and sketchup. These skills will hopefully lead up to the students being able to use machines like that of 3D printers and laser cutters.

Question 4: Do you find it necessary to instruct the uses of technology in the field of art in order for your High School students to attend secondary education and/or in order to enter into the workforce?

A technological background for art students is an advantage for post secondary opportunities that of which include college.

Question 5: What technological impact do you see going forward both in education and in the field of art?

Technology is continuously increasing in the classroom as well as in art. Technology is allowing all students to have equal opportunities in the classroom especially when it comes to research for various types of projects. Art has become more and more influenced by technology. There are very cool projects out there where artists are using techniques and styles that are a cross over with STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). Computer science has further connected to the arts. And as these technological impacts affect today’s artists and their works it will continue to trickle down into the classroom.

Question 6: Do you have any other comments about the impact of technology on art and in art education?

The impact of technology in art is “really really exciting.” Technology is an aid to understanding the core topics including art at a deeper level.

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