Tech Talks: Camera Apps

This week we decided to talk about different camera apps for smart phones.

We talked about the apps, Camera Zoom FX (Android only), Procam 4 (iOS only), VSCO, and TouchRetouch. Camera Zoom FX is an Android only app that has powerful view finders and histograms. Procam 4 is and iOS only app, it has multiple shooting modes including slow shutter options with Manual photo shutter release timers. VSCO is much like instagram but it is more of a photography platform rather than a social platform. And lastly, TouchRetouch focuses on taking out unwanted portions of an image. Cone capabilities. Individual pixel editing. We described how you could basically turn your phone into a pro camera and computer. With the touch of a button you could turn a selfie into a masterpiece, a picture of a landscape into an artistic jewel, or a picture of an ordinary building into one of culture. These apps are to create master pictures that look great and are amazingly awesome.

Hosts: Megan Little, Sr. Niwot HS, Hannah Schineller, Sr, Skyline HS

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    Tech Talks: Camera Apps kgnu

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    Tech Talks: Camera Apps kgnu

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