Tech Talks: Augmented Reality Roundtable

Augmented reality has grown from books and films to video games and virtual reality headsets. Today’s society is very much entwined with augmented reality through social media and games that are right at their fingertips at all times. People get lost in them, in both good ways and bad. Some people use it as a healthy escape from the stresses and worries of life. Others let it consume their lives and can never pull themselves out of their make believe world. There is a lot of controversy surrounding augmented reality right now, considering the effect that Pokemon Go has had on society. Many people believe that augmented reality in technology has gone too far and that not everyone should have access to the technology. Others believe that it is the way of the future and that someday society as a whole will be enhanced by it.

Hosts Steven Lamp, Jeff Lund, Lena Weisman, Hannah Schineller hold a round table discussion regarding augmented reality and its origins in society. They talk about how augmented reality has affected society and share opinions on whether it is good or bad.

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    Tech Talks: Augmented Reality Roundtable kgnu


Tech Talks airs Friday mornings on KGNU at 8.25am. It is produced by students at the Innovation Center in Longmont’s St. Vrain Valley School District.

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    Tech Talks: Augmented Reality Roundtable kgnu

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