Sensi: Boulder Working Group

Leland Rucker brings us the latest news on efforts to overhaul Boulder’s regulations on marijuana businesses.

Members of the Boulder Working Group, looking at overhauling the city’s pot regulations, met on Tuesday to compile the recommendations for the city.

“I thought that the way the group presented everything was really well done. I thought that the group had listed the problems, possible solutions, different points of view – they took all of that into consideration before they made their recommendations, and their recommendations were unanimous.”

Some of the recommendations made by the group are:

To allow dispensaries in Boulder to stay open until 10pm; to ease restrictions on businesses being allowed to offer discounts and coupons; businesses should be allowed to sell merchandise with their logos; businesses should be allowed to sponsor and advertise at public events which would have a 70% adult attendance.

Boulder City Council will consider the recommendations and hold public hearings before making any changes to current regulations, but Rucker says that it is likely they’ll be adopted.  “I kind of got the indication from the city council members that were there that they’re going to go ahead and enact them.”

Leland Rucker also fills us in on concerns by marijuana businesses in east Boulder over an effort to annex them into the city limits for the purposes of the municipalization process.  Businesses within Boulder city limits are subject to additional regulations.

“That’s what they’re concerned about is that they’ve got their businesses built where they are, the way they are because of the way they’re zoned…and now that’s going to disrupt that.”

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    Sensi: Boulder Working Group KGNU News

Leland Rucker is the senior editor at, a monthly publication that covers marijuana news.

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    Sensi: Boulder Working Group KGNU News




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