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Why Support KGNU

KGNU is an independent, noncommercial community radio station licensed in Boulder and Denver and dedicated to serving its listeners. Your support is critical to our success for providing high quality content, events, and community involvement.

We have a handful of opportunities to choose from on how you can support our radio station. Ways to give include money, time, stuff, sponsorship, and more. Explore the options below to learn how you can be a part of KGNU and all that we do!

Ways to Give

With Your Funding

From a simple donation, underwriting, membership with perks, to business partnerships, there are multiple ways to support KGNU financially.

With Your Time

Whether you'd like to be a DJ or produce public affairs programs or give help behind the scenes, there might be a place for you at KGNU.

With Your Stuff

Have an old car or old phone?  Your old stuff can help KGNU!  Explore ways to donate your stuff and help out your local radio station. 

Support KGNU with Your Contributions

KGNU depends on community volunteers, coordinated by paid staff, to produce quality programming. It relies on its audience for financial support. The Board of Directors of the Boulder Community Broadcast Association, Inc., is the licensee and is legally responsible for the conduct of station activities. The Board hires a manager who is responsible for managing the station and hiring other staff. The Board, Staff and Volunteers are committed to collaborating with each other.


KGNU’s budget is relatively small because of the work of its 200 plus volunteers. Still, funds are required for KGNU’s operating budget: programming, maintenance, and salaries.  This is why we ask you, the KGNU listener and supporter, to support KGNU’s day-to-day operatioins with your membership.

If you value KGNU, as an alternative to corporate media, as a source of independent views and music, as a resource to be cherished and cared for, it’s up to you to make it grow.

Please do so with your membership.

Your contribution to KGNU supports programs like Democracy Now!The Morning Sound AlternativeAlan Watts and Old Grass Gnu Grassand helps us pay for the systems that deliver these programs: increased server capacity, our source to shift to open source software and renewable energy to power it all.

The following businesses support KGNU with offers to KGNU Members with a current membership card.

On the average, your fellow KGNU listeners pledge over $100 / year. Here’s the data.
We encourage you to pledge $88.5 (that’s our frequency – clever, eh?) or $120 ($10 / month with a SOLR membership).
An annual KGNU membership starts at $5/month or $60/year, but we appreciate any donation.

We are fiercely protective of your privacy:

  • We ask you for permission to use your name to thank you on the air.
  • We don’t share our mailing list with anyone.
  • Access to membership data is restricted.
  • Monthly SOLR (Sustainer of Local Radio) membership starting at $5 / month by checking account or credit card
  • Credit or debit card: online or by phone
  • Check or Cash

With your membership, you are supporting a unique radio station for one year. Also, if you you would like, we’d be glad to offer you a thank you gift. This gives you an opportunity to see our studios when you come to pick-up your gift. Items include:

  • T-Shirts! Caps! Tote bags!
  • Concert tickets! Books!
  • CDs of talks by KGNU favorite speakers or music compilations!

These are typical thank you gifts – others may be available and certain items may require higher membership levels. The premium level depends on your membership level. Please understand that we may be out of your requested premium, in which case we will offer you an equivalent one.


Sponsoring and underwriting programs is one of the best ways for your organization to support KGNU Community Radio while increasing your visibility across the Front Range.

Everyday retail stores, restaurants, concert promoters, theaters, service providers, nonprofits and many more reach out to KGNU’s progressive, diverse, and dedicated audience by sponsoring, or “underwriting,” specific programs. Underwriters receive on-air acknowledgments during those programs that let listeners know who they are, what they do, and how to reach them for more information.

KGNU reaches over 40,000 loyal listeners every week, who tune in stay informed on local and global news, public affairs, and enjoy diverse music and the arts. KGNU listeners are progressive, thoughtful, educated, environmentally conscientious, and overwhelmingly support the causes they believe in. They consistently return, are engaged, active, and generous.

See our list of Underwriters

Underwriting generally ranges from $30-$50 per message.

News Drive Time and Saturdays

  • Less than 50 announcements – $50 per message
  • 50 or more announcements – $45 per message
  • 100 or more announcements – $40 per message
  • 150 or more announcements – $35 per message

Non-Drive Time and Late Night Sundays

  • Less than 50 announcements – $35 per message
  • 100 or more announcements – $30 per message
  • 150 or more announcements – $25 per message

There are times KGNU may be interested in offering underwriting announcements in trade for goods or services. For in-kind or trade underwriting agreements, announcements are individually negotiated with the business. Contact [email protected] for more information.

  • Underwriting is not considered “advertising.”
  • Underwriting promotes, in a 20-second on-air message, and acknowledges an institution’s philanthropic support of KGNU Community Radio.
  • KGNU underwriting announcements are pre-recorded, and in some instances, read live by our on-air hosts.
  • No more than two 20 second underwriting announcements run per break on KGNU. Your message will get heard and doesn’t get lost in the clutter of typical commercial radio breaks.
  • FCC regulations govern all underwriting support announcements by nonprofit broadcasters. The regulations require stations provide on-air recognition of funders while stipulating that these announcements are strictly for identification; they cannot be promotional.

Underwriting announcements are regulated by the FCC and must conform to the following guidelines:


  • Value-neutral description of product or services.
  • Product or service listings that aid in identifying the business.

For example: “This program is supported by the KGNU Listener Members and by ABC, whose product 123 is available at XYZ. More information available at ABC dot com.”


  • Comparisons and Endorsements, Qualitative statements, Expressions of viewers, Superlative descriptions
  • Price or value information
  • Calls to action
  • Slogans