Senator Cory Gardner Telephone Town hall Meeting

On Wednesday March 1st, Senator Cory Gardner hosted a telephone town hall meeting. The call started half an hour earlier than had been planned and was cut short by the Senator after less than 45 minutes so he could meet with President Trump.

Gardner answered questions on a variety of issues from constituents around the state.

When asked what he would do to protect people with pre-existing health conditions in the light of the repeal of the Affordable Care Act he answered “If we increase affordability, then we have access to the kind of healthcare that people with pre-existing conditions are fighting and striving for.”
He added that he hadn’t heard that they were “going to get rid of pre-existing condition coverage.”

When asked if he would support enforcement of the methane rule Gardner said that he had not yet taken a position.

When asked about the Executive Order banning refugees and immigrants from seven Muslim majority countries, Gardner said that he had objected to the over reach of the order and added “We spent a tremendous amount of time and resources in this office helping people around the globe get back to their homes in Colorado.”

Senator Gardner also reaffirmed that he is pro-life, in response to a question about de-funding Planned Parenthood. He also said that he stood by his votes on Trump’s nominees for federal positions including Education Secretary Betsy DeVos saying that he thought it was important that the president have the people around him that he nominates.

Gardner also said that he supports an investigation into alleged Russian interference into the elections. “It’s unacceptable that the Russians tried to interfere with our elections, which we know they did.”

The Senator said that his offices have received a higher than average number of calls from constituents in recent weeks.

Listen to the entire town hall meeting here.

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    Senator Cory Gardner Telephone Town hall Meeting KGNU News

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    Senator Cory Gardner Telephone Town hall Meeting KGNU News




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