Reveal: New day dawning on the night shift

Image: Female janitors working alone at night have been particularly vulnerable to sexual assault and often are reluctant to report it. After our Rape on the Night Shift investigation, efforts are underway to provide more protection to these workers. Credit: Matt Rota for Reveal

By Julia B. Chan, Reveal

Every day, invisible armies of men and women head to work, where they’re tasked with doing something that helps make our lives a little bit easier. Some clean buildings, some assemble the devices we can’t live without, and some cook our favorite cheap eats.

On this hour of Reveal, we revisit our investigation of sexual assault against female janitors: Rape on the Night Shift. Since the story first aired, a group of workers has been organizing and is speaking out. Now, a bill to protect them is in the works.

That story was a collaboration among Reveal, FRONTLINE, Univision, the Investigative Reporting Program at UC Berkeley and KQED.

After that, we take another look at the toxic chemicals used in electronics manufacturing and the effect they have on the people who are exposed to them every day in Asia.

Finally, we bring you a new story from Peter Haden, of our partner the Houston Chronicle, about a black market of undocumented workers that is being used to supply Chinese restaurants all over the country.



Reveal is a weekly radio program produced by The Center for Investigative Reporting and PRX. For more, check out our website and subscribe to our podcast.

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