Olive Branch Giving Circle

The Olive Branch Giving Circle is an interfaith project where a group of people, Jewish, Christian and Muslim meet regularly to discuss the conflict in Israel and Palestine and ultimately make a decision on projects in the region to fund.

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5 people from each of the Abrahamic faiths meet on a regular basis with the mission of pro-solution philanthropy addressing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.   The participants learn from each other and each others religion and culture and at the end of the process, the group will select organizations to fund that are working for peace and understanding in Israel and Palestine.

A pilot circle started in Boulder in December 2015. We hear from Shari Edelstein, Founding director of the Olive Branch and participants of the Olive Branch giving circle: Afsheen Ahmad, Sergio Atallah and Daphna Rubin.

We also hear from John Sarrouf with the Public Conversations Project which fosters constructive conversation where there is conflict driven by differences in identity, beliefs and values.


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