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Tens of thousands of students marched in Denver, Longmont, Fort Collins and Colorado Springs on Saturday in the March For Our Lives protest movement as part of demonstrations all over the world.  The students calling for an end to gun violence and gun control were joined by many adults.

Danielle Dominguez, participating in the Denver march, told KGNU’s Dave Ashton that her focus will now be on the mid term elections.

“This year we actually have the elections coming up for mid-terms, so definitely gonna vote in that, and looking at the different candidates and their stances on gun control and getting everyone I know to get out and vote as well.”

Logan who attends Stanley Lake Highschool, spoke of the ubiquity of active shooter drills in schools these days.

“We were raised on lockouts and lockdowns and fearing for our lives because people can get rifles and shoot up highschoolers.”


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After speakers addressed the crowd at Civic Center Park, the rally moved into downtown streets.  Evan Davis, with Never Again Colorado told KGNU’s Richard Kiefer that he was overwhelmed by the numbers who showed up at the Denver event.  

“‘It’s a mix of emotions of just absolute gratitude to the people of Colorado and then hope, is the best way to put it. Looking out here, standing where I was here on the stage, I could hardly see the line of people where it ended, it was just a sea of folks and faces from all sorts of different backgrounds and it was absolutely fantastic. So I’m hopeful because it reaffirms the fact that this isn’t just a partisan issue, it’s an American issue, it affects all of us, and I’m hopeful that the elected officials who are currently in office see that and hear that message and take it to heart.”



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    Resistance Radio: March for Our Lives KGNU News


The March for our Lives event in Longmont.


There were also demonstrations all over Colorado.  In Longmont, protesters lined several blocks on both sides of Main Street.


About 2,000 gathered in Colorado Springs, where a 16-year-old said that they were not trampling on old rights but protection new freedoms.  Other demonstrations took place in Fort Collins, Pueblo, Durango and Grand Junction.


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    Resistance Radio: March for Our Lives KGNU News

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