Resilience Training for First Responders

First responders are on the front lines of protecting our community, but there is not that much attention paid to looking after those who look after us.  Studies have shown that suicide rates, divorce rates and alcoholism rates are much higher in first responders (fire fighters, Emergency Medical Technicians, police officers) than in the general population.  In the past couple of years the state of Colorado has developed a program to create resilience amongst first responders.  There will be some local trainings happening in Boulder County as part of that program from October 20th through October 25th and again in November, hosted by Boulder County 1st Responder Resilience Trainers and the Colorado Spirit Flood Recovery Team. The training sets out 12 skills to help 1st responders become more resilient.  Those attending will learn how to look after themselves physically but also emotionally and mentally.

Jonathan Greenwald, a paramedic and the lead EMS Educator for AMR is one of the trainers and Victoria Hutchinson, a Flood Outreach Worker with the Colorado Spirit Flood Recovery Team is the organizer.  She saw the need for resiliency training for 1st responders involved in last year’s flood rescues.

The workshops are one-hour drop-in events and are free and open to all 1st responders.

To find out more contact Victoria Hutchinson at 720-498-1759 or [email protected] or [email protected] or 303-229-6669


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