Nibbles: Hidden Front Range Gems

Ronald Brooks slices smoked brisket in the kitchen at Brooks Smoke House in Aurora, Co. (Photo by Kim Long)


(Oct.27, 2014 Lafayette CO) – Never underestimate the power of getting lost in pursuit of a decent meal.

Through chance, serendipity and a truly bad sense of direction, I’ve recently stumbled upon hidden gems – Front Range restaurants and bakeries that should be famous.
I got to taste the Sudan Café’s marvelous koshary because I turned around in its parking lot after making a wrong turn in Aurora.
I love easy parking, wide chairs, climate control, wine with dinner, and attentive, but unobtrusive, service. I also find it boring, safe and predictable. My off-the-beaten-track favorites can be, charitably, a little lacking in the ambience and location departments. Many dwell in faceless strip malls; Brooks Smoke House BBQ is literally in Ronald Brooks’ backyard.

Whatever they lack in comfy ambience, the cool places exude in flavor, authenticity, longevity, and the connection that comes from having hands’-on owners and families running the place.

If you’re searching for the next undiscovered Front Range attraction, I recommend hitting the road and making a U-turn.

Click here for the full list of the restaurants and reviews on John Lehndorff’s blog.

(This story originally appeared in Edible Front Range Magazine)




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