Top 10 Albums of 2023 – DJ Care Bear’s Picks

I find this process incredibly stressful. : ) Every year I swear I’m just going to skip it, but then I get a bit of FOMO when I see everyone else’s lists, especially if I don’t see my favorite albums/artists represented in those lists. Picking 10 albums is challenging enough for me, but putting them into an order from 1-10 is beyond what I have the capacity for, so these are a bit intentionally placed and then I just had to let go.

I rarely get a chance to listen to an entire album anymore. This list constitutes the albums that I got closest to listening to the whole thing; because I was intrigued, inspired, moved, affected, energized. It also includes two of my favorite bands of my past 23 years- Explosions in the Sky and Sigur Ros.

And as I’m turning in this list on the last day I can, I discovered that Nate Smith put out a new album yesterday. Maybe it will also make it onto my favorites of 2024, as it’s pure fire.

Artist Album Label
1 Kiltro Underbelly Kiltro
2 Sigur Rós ÁTTA Von Dur and BMG
3 Zach Bryan Zach Bryan Belting Bronco Records
4 Meshell Ndegeocello The Omnichord Real Book Von Dur and BMG
5 Nabihah Iqbal Dreamer UMG Recordings
6 Jolie Holland Haunted Mountain Cinquefoil
7 Lankum False Lankum Rough Trade Records
8 Nate Smith Pocket Change 2: Mad Currency Waterbaby Music
9 Explosions in the Sky End Explosions in the Sky
10 Allison Russell The Returner Birds of Chicago
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