Top 10 Albums of 2023 – Uncle Jam’s Picks

10 albums released this year that are meaningful to me, in no particular order

some words of gratitude and a brief prayer:
🥰 thanks to my dear Auntie Jam, who listened to and gave feedback on every show I put together, whether she knew it or not, and provided the best in-studio company I could ever ask for

☎️📩 thank you to everyone who has called or emailed KGNU djs this year. you make our participation in community radio infinitely more rewarding and special 🫀📻

🏞️ thanks to Colorado’s very own Prairiewolf and Golden Brown for their kindness and beautiful music & to everyone who makes our state a heavenly-sounding place

🇵🇸 thanks to all musicians, artists, and human beings who have stood up against the genocide of the Palestinian people.
glory to the martyrs who have passed this year, every one of them meant the world to someone, may they never be forgotten, may peace and justice come swiftly!

Artist Album Label
1 Prairiewolf Prairiewolf Centripetal Force
2 TENGGER TENGGER We Are Busy Bodies
3 Tomas Fujiwara Pith Self Released
4 Jeromes Dream The Grey in Between Iodine Recordings
5 Agriculture The Circle Chant Richtone Sounds and Music
6 jaimie branch Fly or Die Fly or Die Fly or Die ((world war)) International Anthem
7 (various artists) People of Eternity: BDS Mixtape vol 1 Amplify Palestine
8 Panda Bear / Sonic Boom / Adrian Sherwood Reset in Dub Domino Recording Co
9 Elkhorn On The Whole Universe In All Directions Inner Islands
10 Golden Brown Wide Ranging Rider Inner Islands


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