Life and Light on the Land

Photographer Robert Castellino has been photographing the Colorado landscape for almost 3 decades. His latest book “Colorado: Life and Light on the Land,” is a limited edition collectable featuring photos of dramatic landscapes in Colorado and National Parks in the American West, showcases the natural beauty of the state.

“The images are born out of spending tons of time in wild places and wild lands on one hand, and on the other it’s how we engage with life, and then the light that illuminates the places that we visit. It’s kind of our sense of place in Colorado and it’s our home, it’s the beauty of this place that brings us to the outdoors and this type of lifestyle that is so spectacular.”

Castellino hopes to inspire a passion for land conservation through his photographs as there are many threats to these spaces from climate change to increasing population in Colorado.

“The critical issue today in particular is the threats to public lands. As it is, you can talk to County Commissioners and the Director of Boulder Open Space for example, and you’ll find out the next threat is population. That there’s so many of us sharing these places and how do we become stewards, not just stewards but how do we leave these places for the future generations, but the threats are not just population, it’s our need for energy for example and it’s the energy sources, and there’s outrage about drilling in our back yards, well drilling on public lands is really becoming something.”


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