Headlines — September 13, 2022

September 13, 2022


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    Headlines — September 13, 2022 Luis Licon

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US Department of Education Awards $25 Million To Nations Educator Force

CU Denver will receive about $1.5 Million in grants to help create a teacher workforce.

The Department of Education announced Monday, they would be awarding the grants to recruit and retain teachers across the country. The Teacher Quality Partnership (TQP) grant fund program create teacher preparation courses in high-need community colleges and Universities across the country. In Colorado, there are 440 teaching position left to fill according to the Colorado Department of Education. 

Secretary Cardona said in a press release, “These programs help prepare, place, develop, and retain effective teachers and leaders in our schools and classrooms. Our students need quality educators now more than ever to address their academic and mental health needs.”

Denver To Provide Cash Assistance To Lift Individuals Out Of Homelessness

Denver’s Mayor Michael B. Hancock and the Department of Housing Stability along with the County and City of Denver will soon provide cash assistance to more than 140 individuals experiencing homelessness. The money comes in part from federal dollars the city received from the American Rescue Plan Act. 

City Council approved the contract Monday to distribute  $2 million in cash assistance to women, transgender and gender non-conforming individuals, and families in shelters. 

Mayor Hancock explains, “This direct cash assistance will help more than 140 women and families currently in shelters move into stable housing, and provide support so they can stay housed while opening space in our shelters to serve more people.” The contract provides up to $1,000 a month for one year in direct cash assistance to eligible people currently using the shelter system.

Cities like Stockton Ca, Vancouver, Los Angeles and New York that utilize similar programs have seen positive outcomes with this assistance such as increases in full-time employment, moving into full-time housing more quickly, increased food security, and a reduction in spending on alcohol, drugs and cigarettes. The pilot program is one of many the Department of Housing Stability has identified to address homelessness in Denver. The program will launch this November, and run through 2023. For more information please visit denvergov.org

CDOT gets $100 million dollars in funding for I-70 project

The United States Department of Transportation awarded the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) $100 million in grant money for its upcoming I-70 project in Floyd Hill. 

This project will be CDOTs costliest project ever coming in at a record $700 million. Recently CDOT has been applyinfg for federal funding since the signing of the new $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill.

The six-mile construction project will reconfigure the sharpest turn on I-70, smooth it out, and flip traffic flow through part of Clear Creek Canyon. Many commuters have experience traffic jams on this section of the highway. Gov. Jared Polis said in a news release, “Getting this traffic jam fixed has been a priority for my administration for years, and it is a centerpiece of our Ten Year Plan for transportation.” The project is expected to take four to five years, beginning construction late this year, early 2023.

Boulder Set To Begin New Emergency Nurse Program

Today, people calling 911 will have access to a new emergency nurse navigation program through a partnership with American Medical Response. 

This program aims to provide case-appropriate care instead of defaulting to emergency room visits. When someone calls 911, they will have the option to talk to a Colorado state-licensed nurse. They recommend various health care options, including virtual visits from an emergency physician, home health recommendations, and non-emergency transport to a local health care provider.

This program is a first of its kind in Boulder County and won’t affect any emergency calls.

Aurora City Council Limits Grass Lawns

The city council of Aurora approved a measure last night to limit the size of grass lawns in new constructions. The measure aims to conserve water in the drought prone city and caps grass lawns sizes in new homes at 500 square feet. New lawns larger than that have the option of xeriscaping or turf.The city banned planting certain cool weather turf and certain grasses that use a lot of water in August. According to CBS, the city council hopes the new lawn ordinances will cut about 25% of the city’s water usage.


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    Headlines — September 13, 2022 Luis Licon

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