Headlines — October 4, 2022

October 4, 2022


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    Headlines — October 4, 2022 Luis Licon

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Police Find No Evidence Of Shooting At Good Samaritan Hospital 

Broomfield’s Good Samaritan Hospital was the scene of an intense police presence Monday afternoon. Around 2:30 PM, local police received reports of shots fired in the vicinity of the hospital. 

Officers arrived on the scene and swept the building to find no threat. They issued an all-clear message shortly after 4 PM. Police say that the person who reported hearing gunshots was interviewed and did not have malicious intent in making the call.

Cannabis Cafes In Boulder May Have Different Regulations Than Neighboring Denver

Boulder City Council is considering a permitting process to allow businesses that sell cannabis the option of having a space for on-premises consumption. KGNU’s James Swensen has more.

Local authorities in Boulder have been mulling the possibility of licensing cannabis bars since May of 2021. Some ideas for consideration include limiting the hours of operation to no later than 10 p.m.; requiring smaller doses for edibles; and requesting that customers sign a pre-entrance waiver that includes a transportation plan following consumption. One of the most significant recommendations is to restrict entry to those ages 25 and older. Supporters say that doing so is a good way to take into account the feedback that the board has heard from parents and advocates regarding the potential impacts of young adults using cannabis. But others argue that enacting strict regulations will not have the desired safety effect but instead would drive young adults to use cannabis in unregulated and unmonitored spaces.

Colorado legalized cannabis for adults 21 or older nearly ten years ago and a bill allowing social consumption establishments passed through the state legislature in 2019. Denver and other surrounding communities that allow cannabis cafes have kept the 21-year age limit. The goal in Boulder is to have recommendations ready for a public hearing before the city’s city’s Cannabis Licensing and Advisory Board in the first quarter of 2023. The responsibility then falls on members of Boulder City Council to determine what limitations, if any, moving forward.

Increase Ff Bear Activity In Boulder

The city of Boulder is asking residents to take extra bear precautions over the next few weeks. 

Bears are currently entering hyperphagia, which means preparing to hibernate, they stuff up on fat and food.This kind of bear activity usually occurs during late summer and early fall. It can also mean increased bear activity within neighborhoods. The city is asking residents to remove food or anything that smells like food from outdoor areas of their property and to secure their trash in bear proof trash cans.

 Boulder Valley School District Settles On Lawsuit

The Boulder Valley School District has agreed to settle a lawsuit involving two former Fairview High School students. The lawsuit argues Fairview staff fostered an environment permissive to sexual assault misconduct, violating Title IX, a federal law that prohibits discrimination based on sex. 

Title IX also requires schools receiving federal funding to investigate and fix hostile educational environments. The students presented the lawsuit in 2021 when the school failed to investigate allegation of sexual misconduct against a student-athlete in the 2016-2017 school year.

BVSD said in an email to The Denver Post that it will not comment directly on the matter until the finalization of the settlement. Even though both the district and the students have not yet finalized the settlement, both parties have to agree by Oct. 31st.

St. Vrain Valley School Districts Partners With CU Denver

St. Vrain Valley School District partnered with CU Denver to add a (Pathways In Technology Early College in High School, Science, Technology, and Math program or STEM P-Tech Pathway this month.  

The P-Tech pathway originally started in the spring of 2018 as a concurrent enrollment program that helps students get college credit while still in high school.

Niwot Mourns The Death Of Craig “Lefty” Harris

Community members gathered in Niwot Monday night to commemorate the death of longtime pizza restaurant owner, Craig “Lefty” Harris who died in a car crash last week. Lefty pizza was a Niwot staple that opened in downtown Niwot  28 years ago yesterday. Craig “Lefty” Harris who was a trained astrophysicist and part of a team of scientists who discovered Neptune’s rings back in the 1980s– opened the pizza joint knowing little about pizza but determined to learn.  According to the Daily Camera,  people dressed in Hawaiian shirts were there to honor Lefty’s signature style spilled out of the restaurant and onto the patio at last night’s vigil.


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    Headlines — October 4, 2022 Luis Licon

Luis Licon

Luis Licon

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