Headlines — October 3, 2022

October 3, 2022


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    Headlines — October 3, 2022 christian

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Boulder Police Investigating Officer-Involved Shooting 

The Boulder Police Department is investigating a shooting that occurred early Sunday morning in the University Hill neighborhood. BPD officers were responding to a disturbance call near the 1200 block Pennsylvania Ave just before 1:30am Sunday when they received another call about shots fired in the immediate vicinity

Police say they believe three men exchanged gunfire. A police officer shot and wounded one of them. 

The BPD are still searching for the individuals that fled the scene and are asking members of the public to share photos or video of the incident. The officer who shot one of the suspects has been placed on paid, administrative leave.


Executive Board Overseeing University Of Colorado Center Quits After Director Patty Limerick’s Firing

After Patty Limerick was suddenly discharged Friday, Sept. 23, the entire executive board of the University of Colorado’s Center of the American West left. More board members are feared to be leaving as resigned members share a feeling of loss and worry about the center’s future.

Limerick, as co-founder and director for 37 years, was abruptly let go by Glen Krutz, CU’s new director of Arts and Sciences. Krutz’s media team told the Colorado Sun that the decision to let Limerick go was “an appropriate decision to have change now and begin a new era.”

Those close to Limerick in the Center of the American West fear that with the loss of their director and center’s co-founder will mark the end to the center which has served as a leader in regional and cultural policy.  According to their website, the center is “committed to the civil, respectful, and problem-solving exploration of important and often contentious public issues.”

Sam Mamet, who joined the board in 2019, told the Colorado Sun that, “I’m fearful for that the loss of the center is a real possibility here.”

$10.9 Million Grant Supports Underrepresented Denver-Metro Students Pursuing Engineering Careers 

The U.S. Department of Defense’s Office of Naval Research will award a $10.9 million grant to two universities and five community colleges in the Denver-metro area–  that will help students from underrepresented communities pursue careers in any engineering field. 

These colleges include the University of Colorado Boulder and Denver, the Community Colleges of Aurora and Denver, and eventually Front Range, Arapahoe, and Red Rocks Community Colleges.

The bulk of the $2.9 million in grants will finance student internship and stipends. The remaining  will go to assist student complete college-level math, science, and engineering courses before they go on to university.

E-Bike Vouchers Available Today

E-bikes are bicycles with rechargeable pedal-assist motors that give riders a boost. The city and county of Denver debuted its e-bike rebate program earlier this year to incentivize drivers to transition to bike commutes. The program has been so successful that it hit its budget ceiling within weeks. Denver’s climate office now makes a limited number of rebates available on the first Monday of the month, as unused vouchers approved earlier this year expire. 

As of September 30, 2022, 3,780 e-bike vouchers have been redeemed in Denver. 

Colorado Joins International Protest Over The Death Of Iranian Woman Mahsa Amini 

Hundreds of people showed up to Colorado’s state capitol on Sunday for a demonstration to protest the death of Mahsa Amani,  the  Iranian woman who morality police killed because “her headscarf was too loose.” This demonstration was one of many around the country and the world standing in solidarity for the rights of Iranian women and women around the world.


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    Headlines — October 3, 2022 christian

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