Headlines – May 31, 2023


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    Headlines – May 31, 2023 Alexis Kenyon

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Residents Express Backlash Against Upcoming Homeless Day Services Center in Boulder Condominium Complex

Residents at a condominium complex in Boulder spoke out against the upcoming opening of a new homeless day services center. The center, located at 1844 Folsom St., has been identified as a priority by the City Council.

At a virtual meeting, around 50 residents of Horizon West Condominiums voiced concerns about the center’s location. Many residents felt they were not given the opportunity to provide input on the selection process and questioned why the site was chosen.

City officials told community members that they had conducted outreach before selecting the site to develop criteria for selection rather than seeking input on specific locations. The chosen site met various criteria such as size, proximity to public transportation, and zoning requirements.

Residents raised concerns about safety and security, particularly for vulnerable populations within the condominium complex. City officials mentioned that similar service centers in the past had initially faced opposition from neighbors, but many of the concerns raised did not materialize. City Council members assured residents that there would be further opportunities for input and discussions about the new day services center.

Greeley Gay Rights Group Protests Library District’s Cancellation of Pride Event

A Greeley gay rights group and allies across northern Colorado are protesting after the county library district canceled a pride event scheduled for June.

A local drag performer, Simone Perry, is accusing staff at the High Plains Library District of discrimination against the LGBTQIA+ community. Perry, who has taken part in drag story hours at several locations in northern Colorado, helped plan the Greeley Pop-up Pride Celebration.

The library district canceled what organizers say would have been a family-friendly event after months of planning. The district has yet to cite the reasons for the cancellations. Perry believes the district had plans to enforce a drag ban at the Greeley Popup Pride Celebration.

The High Plains’ outreach team is working on making a separate Pride event that is not associated with the library district.

New Work Requirements for Some SNAP Recipients Included in Debt Limit Deal.

New SNAP benefit work requirements are raising controversy in Colorado. The work requirements come as part of the debt ceiling deal President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy struck over the weekend.

In addition to work requirements for food stamps, GOP lawmakers pushed for tighter eligibility requirements for both food stamps and low-income healthcare.

Supporters of the new requirements argue they will reduce the number of people on welfare. Critics say that the requirements will create another barrier to food security.

The requirements will affect able-bodied adults without dependents who are between the ages of 18 and 49. These adults will be required to work 20 hours per week or participate in an approved training program to continue receiving benefits, and it will take effect in 2024.

Colorado Capitol’s Workplace Harassment Committee Holds First Meeting After Recent Complaint

Colorado Capitol’s Workplace Harassment Committee held its first meeting on Thursday following a recent complaint.

The committee, which was established in response to a sexual harassment scandal in 2019, aimed to address gaps in the legislature’s policies after a series of sexual harassment complaints involving former Representative Steve Lebsock were filed.

The committee works with the Office of Legislative Workplace Relations to assess complaints. If a lawmaker is implicated, an executive summary of the investigation is made public.

The House Workplace Harassment Committee voted to proceed with a third-party investigator after a closed-door executive session during their recent meeting.

Colorado’s U.S. District Court May Add Three New Judgeships

Colorado’s congressional delegation has proposed adding three new federal judgeships to the state. The new judgeships would be added to the U.S. District Court of Colorado, which currently has seven seats.

The delegation says additional judgeships are needed to accommodate Colorado’s growing population.

The proposal has been met with support from Colorado’s legal community and is now pending before the U.S. Senate.

Casa Bonita to Host Soft Opening with Lottery System

After being closed for over two years, Casa Bonita has announced it will host a soft opening on June 17th. The Lakewood-based Mexican restaurant will select guests who may enter the beloved icon’s doors through a lottery system. Tickets for the soft opening will go on sale on June 10th.

Casa Bonita is known for its over-the-top atmosphere, which includes cliff divers, a waterfall, and a petting zoo. The restaurant has been featured in several television shows and movies, including South Park and The Simpsons.

The restaurant will open to the public on June 24th.



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    Headlines – May 31, 2023 Alexis Kenyon

Alexis Kenyon

Alexis Kenyon

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