Headlines — June 22, 2022


June 22, 2022


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    Headlines — June 22, 2022 kiara

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Colorado Cashback – How To Get Your Rebate

Colorado taxpayers will receive a tax rebate of $750 for individuals and $1500 for joint filers this summer. Gov. Polis announced Tuesday that if you have filed your 2021 taxes by June 30, you will get your rebate this summer by September 30. 

If you have not filed taxes but do so before October 17, you will receive the rebate in January 2023. 

Polis said in a press release that he wants to provide relief for Colorado residents due to rising living costs. 

Full-year Colorado residents who are at least 18 years old as of December 31, 2021, can file a Colorado return claim even if they do not have a taxable income. 

The state returns tax rebates through the mail. You can find more information on their website

Pueblo County Horse Euthanized Due To Equine Infectious Anemia

A horse in Pueblo County tested positive for Equine Infectious Anemia, a viral disease spread by blood-feeding flies. The horse initially tested positive at the CSU Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory on June 2. 

CSU moved the horse to Pueblo two weeks before its diagnosis, and it was only being tested for movement purposes. It never showed signs of EIA while it was being tested. There is no vaccine or treatment for the disease, and infected animals must be euthanized or quarantined for life. The horse was euthanized on June 15.

Further investigation by the USDA probed that this horse was associated with an EIA-positive herd in California while participating in unsanctioned racing, which is known to be related to transmissions of EIA. No additional horses were on the Pueblo County premises, and the quarantine has been lifted. 

Bike To Work Day 2022- More Than 140 Stations To Refresh And Refuel On Your Commute Wednesday

Dozens of stations across the city are providing free breakfast to anyone who pulls up for Bike to Work day– including outside our Boulder studios 4100 Walnut Street, right below the Foothills Parkway and off the bike path. 

The event will start around 6:30 AM and all across Boulder, these “bike stations” will be open for participants. These stations will include breakfast, refreshments, and other amenities. 

Some of these locations include Boulder County Sheriff’s Office, Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse, Spruce Cafe on East Pearl street, and so many more.

Boulder City Council Greenlights Outdoor Dining Pilot Program

On Tuesday, in a public hearing, Boulder City Council unanimously agreed to implement the five-year pilot program that allows restaurants, brewpubs, taverns, wineries, and distilleries to continue to offer outdoor dining. Businesses can apply to the program and pay for a permit and parklet infrastructure from the city.

Earlier this year, the city council designated $250,000 to American Rescue Plan Act funds for the pilot program and other business recovery efforts. The program added curbside drop-off and pickup locations for outdoor dining area expansions and aided in street closure at the west end of Pearl street.

According to the Daily Camera,  in a survey issued by the Downtown Boulder Partnership and the city, 49% of all restaurants and 60% of current program participants indicated that they were “very likely” to participate when presented with the concept of a downtown outdoor dining pilot program without any information about potential associated fees.

Applications will open on Monday, June 27, and close on July 15. After that, the city plans on beginning the purchase of parklet infrastructure. Restaurants that opt against the pilot program must remove outdoor infrastructure by August 31 and restaurants that participate in it can transition it through October 31.



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    Headlines — June 22, 2022 kiara



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