Headlines — June 13, 2022

June 13, 2022


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    Headlines — June 13, 2022 kiara

Near-Record Heat To Start The Week

Weather forecasters are warning of potentially dangerous heat today, with temperatures nearing one hundred degrees in the Denver Metro Area. They also expected critical fire weather conditions across the central Rockies.

New Colorado Gun Measures Could Soon Be Dealt A Blow From The Supreme Court

Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy announced Sunday that a bipartisan group of senators agreed on reforming the country’s gun laws. Senator Murphy says at least 10 Republicans have agreed to support the measures, enough to break a filibuster. 

After 30 years of inaction, the breakthrough comes as nationwide marches call for common-sense gun reforms. We’ll have more of the local demonstrations later in the show.

Front Range cities, including Boulder and Louisville, are enacting local gun restrictions. The city council of Boulder unanimously approved six new gun ordinances last week. 

These ordinances may brush up against the impending Supreme Court ruling on New York State Rifle and Pistol Association Inc. v. Bruen. The case questions the constitutionality of a more than a century-old law in New York requiring that a person requesting a concealed carry permit exhibit the need for self-defense.

Boulder Mayor Says More Cities Should Follow Lead And Pass Stricter Gun Laws

Boulder Mayor Aaron Brockett urged more cities across the state to pass stricter gun laws to prevent mass shootings. Other cities in Boulder County have passed or are considering new gun ordinances this week. 

Brockett said laws that may have prevented the King Soopers shooting are more effective if more cities pass them. 14 months have passed since a gunman killed 10 people in the Boulder grocery store. Boulder County unanimously voted this week to pass stricter gun laws, with Lafayette and Superior passing similar ordinances.

Meeting Scheduled To Consider If Marshall Fire Victim Can Build ADUs 

On June 16, from 6:00 to 7:30 PM, Boulder County Community and Planning is hosting an information session regarding the Land Use Code update for homes affected by the Marshall Fire. The meeting will include a presentation of the proposed amendments for the redevelopment, a Q&A, and a discussion about whether homeowners should be allowed to build accessory dwelling units.

The county will upload the meeting online for those unable to attend.  

Colorado Education Board Considers Inclusive Social Studies Standards 

Last week the Colorado State Board of Education met in Estes Park to discuss civics and social studies standards, determining statewide guidelines for curriculum in history and civics classes.

The state asked the social studies standards review committee to add inclusive language to the social studies curriculum to highlight “the contributions of African American, Asian-American, Indigenous, Latin and LGBTQ+ and religious minority community.” 

While the State Board of Education has previously discussed adding new voices to school social and civics studies, pushback from anti-LGBTQ+ protestors has resulted in the board rolling back the change. 

This weekend’s final recommendation, according to a press release, “strike

27 references to the LGBTQ+ community and name the LGBTQ+ community and their contributions just five times throughout the K-12 social studies standards: twice in 4th-grade history, twice in 4th-grade civics, and once in high school history. The final recommendations also backtrack on references to African American, Asian American, Indigenous, Latin, and religious minority communities and their contributions throughout the standards”.

The power is now shifted to the State Board of Education, which plans to meet monthly to discuss the standards and consider amendments to the final recommendation until November or December when the board will take a final vote. The next meeting is on July 13 and 14.

A Tornado Touched Down Near DIA On Sunday

Around 3 PM Sunday, the National Weather Service sent out a tornado warning in Adams County after a tornado touched down north of Denver International Airport. There’s been no recorded damage or injuries. This was the first tornado to touch down in Colorado since 2015.

Rather than the thunderstorm itself, rotating air formed the tornado, making it a land spout tornado. Land spouts are less destructive compared to other types of tornadoes. June is the most active weather month for Colorado, according to Denver 7, which can explain the high heat, sporadic rain, and more. 

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    Headlines — June 13, 2022 kiara




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