Headlines — July 14, 2022

July 14, 2022


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    Headlines — July 14, 2022 kiara

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Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division Announces Colorado MED Data Dashboard And Releases The Q4 2021 Marijuana Market Update

The Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division- MED announced the launch of a new data dashboard on Wednesday. The tool will include interactive information on marijuana sales, strains, prices, licenses, and more. 

The information on this new data dashboard will update up to four times a year to show the progression of the industry. The updates will also be accompanied by quarterly reports that will include data on variables such as the number of marijuana businesses that have grown in the year. Data from the Marijuana Enforcement Division shows Colorado’s marijuana industry generates more than two billion dollars in sales annually, with more than three-fifths of those sales occurring in Front Range counties.

Larimer Alliance And Colorado Rising Call For Improved Air Quality Monitoring In Northern Colorado

Public safety coalition Larimer Alliance for Health, Safety, and the Environment and non-profit organization Colorado Rising signed and submitted a petition regarding air quality to the City of Fort Collins and Larimer County. 

On Tuesday, the two groups submitted their petition calling for the establishment of an air quality monitoring station. The station would help analyze chemical data to help focus on what type of emissions are causing air pollution.

There are many causes of poor air quality in the state of Colorado, such as vehicles, oil, industrial establishments, wildfires, and many others. As of now, the petition has the signatures of 139 Colorado citizens. A decision on if the petition will help establish an air quality monitoring station is still pending

Cost Of Food Continues To Rise

Heading to the grocery store is hurting pocketbooks more than usual lately as inflation continues to increase prices. 

Consumer prices have risen to their highest rate since 1981. It’s gone up a little over nine percent in the last month compared to this month one year ago according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

The statistics indicated the overall prices of groceries is also at their highest since 1979 with it raise of 12.2% compared to last year. 

Stores like Marczyk Fine Foods in Denver, Colorado, have seen price increases sometimes twice a month from their food vendor. 

Vendors and farmers have seen the cost of producing and distributing food increase due to inflation. This, combined with a shortage of farmers, has led to an overall increase in food prices across the country.

Crocs Win Two Decade Long Lawsuit 

Crocs- an original Colorado brand, has been fighting a series of patent infringement lawsuits against companies producing knock-offs dating back as far as 2006. They won settlements against the brands, USA Dawgs Inc. for $6 million and Double Diamond Distribution Ltd. for $55,000. The lawsuits began in 2006 and were seen by the U.S. International Trade Commission, U.S. District Courts, and Colorado courts.

The company has also won a lawsuit against Skechers, which was started in 2008. According to The Daily Camera, Crocs still have several copyright cases in the works, but the original creators and investors are happy with the final results of these two cases.

Boulder Public Library Invites Cafe Operator Proposals

The Boulder Public Library announced on Wednesday that it is looking for a new vendor to manage its cafe and for the right applicant. They will practically give it away for free.

Anyone with one year of experience, who can offer a diverse menu with items that appeal to a range of ages and incomes, can apply. If selected, the library will sign a year lease over to the vendor for 500 dollars a year. 

The lease includes free utilities, customer furniture, limited promotions from the library, access to seasonal produce from the library’s gardens, an on-site beehive, and more. 

The boulder county farmers’ market operated the previous seeds cafe in the boulder public library for five years until it closed during the pandemic. Applications for the new space are due by Friday, July 29 at 4 PM and can be found on the Boulder Public Library website.

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    Headlines — July 14, 2022 kiara

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