Headlines — December 1, 2022

December 1, 2022


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    Headlines — December 1, 2022 Luis Licon

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Broomfield City Council Gun-Ordinance 

Broomfield City Council approved nine new gun safety ordinances Tuesday evening, pending final approval in a second reading. The city began discussing local gun measures in September along with other Front Range cities, notably those in Boulder County. 

The approved ordinance includes measures to ban the sale and possession of rapid-fire trigger activators, establish a minimum age of 21 years to purchase a firearm with few exceptions,  regulate the possession of so-called “ghost guns, restrict open and concealed carry in certain areas, and require a a 10-day waiting period and proof of education and competence to purchase firearms.

Due to public concerns and strongly divided opinions, Broomfield’s City Council held two study sessions before Tuesday’s reading. The approved measures will not take effect unless they pass a second reading scheduled for January. 

CO Sec of State Ordering A Mandatory Recount In The Frisch-Boebert Race

Secretary of State Jena Griswold tweeted on Wednesday that Colorado Election officials will need to recount results from Colorado’s third Between incumbent Republican house representative Lauren Boebart and Democratic running mate Adam Frisch.

Griswold said in a statement that Colorado voters have made their voices heard, and I am ordering this recount in accordance with Colorado law to confirm the will of the voters.” Adam Frisch initially conceded the race for the House seat on  November 18. Colorado state law mandates that election officials recount elections with anything less than a .05 percent margin. Boebert won by a margin of 550 a margin of only .03 percent. According to a tweet from Griswold, the recount will begin on December 13.

Prospect Energy Is Required To Make Changes At Krause Site

The state health department’s Air Pollution Control Division is terminating the cease and desist order against Prospect Energy for the company’s Krause Site. The division issued the order in August 2022, arguing the site’s repeated air quality violations posed a risk to public welfare. The cease and desist order required Prospect Energy to follow strict guidelines to analyze the design of its equipment, control emissions to ensure safety at the Krause site, strictly manage its storage tanks, and have an odor management plan. The Air Pollution Control Division will require Prospect Energy to meet certain conditions and conduct additional monitoring when it resumes operations. 

Wastewater Utility Appreciation Week

Governor Jared Polis has declared this week Colorado Wastewater Utility Appreciation Week in recognition of the work performed by over 60 wastewater utilities to establish a statewide COVID-19 monitoring system.

Wastewater data has consistently helped in the early identification of COVID-19 disease trends within utility districts. Since 2020, wastewater utilities have been providing samples twice per week to CDPHE’s State Public Health Laboratory and have been able to detect community-wide outbreaks before testing data on individuals. 

Increased Mountain Lion Activity 

The city of Boulder expects mountain lion activity to increase this winter as mountain lions head to lower elevations to find food in more populated areas. Mountain lions pose a relatively low risk to humans, but authorities warn to back away slowly if you spot one of the large kitties and to try to make yourself look big. They also recommend installing outdoor lighting, not leaving unattended outdoors (especially at night or early morning), supervising children when outdoors, and making your yard less of a mountain lion food court (remove access to food sources like pets & livestock).

Adams County Awards Open Space Grants

Adams County has awarded a multimillion dollar grant to create and maintain open spaces across the county. The Adams County Board of Commissioners (BoCC) this week awarded over $10 million [dollars] in open space grants to cities and municipalities within its jurisdiction. The funds come from revenue collected under an Open Space Sales Tax. 

Commissioner Lynn Baca said the initiative is part of an effort to provide, – quote –  “valuable spaces, which offer comfort and support to people everywhere.” Some of the recipients of the grants include Adams County – Clear Creek Water Park, the City of Brighton, Commerce City, and more. Voters passed the Adams County Open Space Sales Tax back in 1999. County authorities award funds twice a year.

Winter Park Ski Train Returns

The Amtrak Winter Park Express train will return to taking skiers and snowboarders to Winter Park starting in January. It will run every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday starting January 13 until March 26, 2023. The train will depart at 7 AM from Union Station and leave Winter Park at 4:30 PM. Passengers can carry ski and snowboarding equipment onto the Amtrack for free.

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    Headlines — December 1, 2022 Luis Licon

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