Earth Justice Day at Naropa

On Wednesday, April 24th, Naropa University in Boulder will be presenting its fourth annual Earth Justice Day event. One of the key-note speakers who will be there on Wednesday is Carl Anthony, who will  give the address on The Earth, the City and the Hidden Narrative of Race.

Carl Anthony is an urban planner, architect, author and the founder of Breakthrough Communities, a project of Earth House Center to build multiracial leadership for sustainable communities in California as well as the nation in general.


Listen to an interview with Carl Anthony aired on KGNU April 22:

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    Earth Justice Day at Naropa KGNU News


“For a long period of time African Americans have lived in urban communities, actually the participation in American society goes back really even before the country was formed. And we see a great deal of evidence that has accumulated over time starting with the Atlantic slave trade and the issue of separation of African Americans from their whole society that was built into the environment that many people have taken for granted, and then as our communities have migrated from the rural areas in the south, many of our cities have had to really address the problem that you mentioned, redlining. And we also have our transportation issues that have been really biased against the communities of color and racialization of space over time, including suburbanization and separation from full participation of communities in this society.”

Paloma Pavel will also be presenting the key-note address on The Earth, the City and the Hidden Narrative of Race.

Dr. Paloma Pavel is President and founder of Earth House, a multicultural media and learning center for environmental and social justice based in Oakland, California. The mission of Earth House is to build healthy and sustainable communities through multi-racial leadership development and community organizing, providing education and media tools.


Listen to an interview with Dr. Paloma Pavel aired on KGNU April 23:

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    Earth Justice Day at Naropa KGNU News


“Often when we hear in the news about migration there is acknowledgement of, or fear of poverty and violence and things that these groups are fleeing. But really seeing the circle of this, that many of these communities are living in places that have become climatically no longer sustainable or viable, where we have either cut the rain-forest or destroyed the habitat for sustainable agriculture so that people are actually required and forced to flee due to climate disruption that we have had a major hand in creating. So that what we’re seeing is the result of climate disruption.”

Paloma Pavel and Carl Anthony will speak on The Earth, the City and the Hidden Narrative of Race at noon at Naropa’s main campus on Wednesday April 24th. They’ll also speak on Thursday April 25th at 6pm at the Nalanda campus.

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    Earth Justice Day at Naropa KGNU News

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