Radio Bookclub: Gregory Hill and ‘Zebra Skin Shirt’

Our April selection is Zebra Skin Shirt, A Strattford County Yarn, the third book in Colorado author Greg Hill’s trilogy that includes East of Denver and The Lonesome Trials of Johnny Riles, previously featured on the Radio Bookclub.

Zebra Skin Shirt features Narwhal Slotterfield, a chaos-loving basketball referee who loves bending the rules for the Underdog. He is in love with Veronica, a delightful woman he met by chance, and on the way home from a road trip, they stop at a diner in the run-down town of Holliday on the eastern Colorado plains.

Narwhal is inspired to ask Veronica to marry him. But the universe, it seems, has other plans before he can propose, time stops completely, for everyone and everything except for him. Birds are suspended in mid-air, the setting sun refuses to budge, and Narwhals beloved is frozen in the midst of taking a bite of a French fry. Faced with uncomfortable truths about himself, Veronica, and even the nature of being human, Narwhal must choose to either focus myopically on himself or, like an unlikely superhero referee, to right the wrongs of the world.

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    Radio Bookclub: Gregory Hill and ‘Zebra Skin Shirt’ kgnu


Listen to more of Greg Hill in our Afterhours podcast edition of the Radio Bookclub.


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The Radio Bookclub is a collaboration between KGNU and the Boulder Bookstore.

Every month Arsen Kashkashian, head buyer at the Boulder Bookstore, selects a book to inspire listeners to read along together. The author will then join us in-studio for a discussion which we broadcast on the 4th Thursday of every month at 9am.

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    Radio Bookclub: Gregory Hill and ‘Zebra Skin Shirt’ kgnu




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