Corn Mothers Project Makes An Iconic Return

Our guests this morning are poet Norma Johnson and human rights advocate Dr. Renee Fajardo to talk about the long-awaited return of the Corn Mothers 2022: Inspiring Women of the Southwest History Colorado exhibit.

The exhibit features artistic photographs and stories of women, past and present, who represent the iconic spirit of the indigenous Corn Mother deity who embodies life, community, and creativity.

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    Corn Mothers Project Makes An Iconic Return Rossana Longo-Better

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Storytellers of Color airs on the second Monday of each month as part of A Public Affair on KGNU. The major goal of the show is to provide a safe space for communicators of color, through a series of conversations, to elevate their voices and discuss issues of equality in the media. The show is inspired by recent gatherings of various working groups, including Latinx Voices, organized by Diamond Hardiman from Free Press’ News Voices Colorado Project, and Journos of Color Network led by Tina Griego, reporter, editor, and coach from Colorado News Collaborative.

The Storytellers of Color series is a collaborative effort, with an open invitation to other storytellers to come into our airwaves, to tell their stories, and occupy the safe space we are providing every second Monday of the month.


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    Corn Mothers Project Makes An Iconic Return Rossana Longo-Better

Rossana Longo-Better

Rossana Longo-Better


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