Colorado Citizens for Health Care

While Senate Republicans are meeting in secret to formulate an alternative to the Affordable Care Act, health care advocates around the country are criticizing the process which has excluded Democrats and which could potentially remove health insurance from 23 million Americans.

Colorado Citizens for Health Care first met and organized through in Boulder on January 15, 2017 for the express purpose of resisting repeal of the Affordable Care Act.   Although several people have joined the CCHC, the core working group consists of 12-15 members who meet every 2-4 weeks.

The group believes that affordable health care is a human right, not a commodity and views their work as a long term commitment to public education and advocacy for affordable health care for all.  To that end, they have waged a concerted resistance campaign, including, but not limited to: letters to the editor of numerous newspaper publications throughout the state, phone calls/emails/postcards to members of Congress, participation in marches, face to face meetings with the staff of Colorado Congressional members as well as the demand for and attendance at town hall meetings.

We hear from three members of CCHC: Linda Peterson, who was a Licensed Psychologist in private practice for 38 years working with individuals with mood problems and couples;  Mike Homner, an advocate for homelessness rights; and Richard Dillio, who spent 29 years of ER practice in multiple hospitals in the state, including a 700+ bed inner city tertiary trauma center as well as several community hospitals. The last nine years of practice was in Sterling, Colorado in their 30 bed rural hospital.


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If people are interested in contacting Colorado Citizens for Health Care, they can email Richard Dillio: [email protected].
People can contact Senator Cory Gardner at his Washington DC office at 202-224-5941.

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