Boulder City Council Candidates: Wallach, Brockett and Friend

There are 15 candidates seeking election to Boulder City Council in 2019. In this forum, moderated by Roz Brown, we hear from Mark Wallach, Aaron Brockett and Rachel Friend.


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    Boulder City Council Candidates: Wallach, Brockett and Friend KGNU News


l-r: Wallch, Brockett, Friend

Mark Wallach has served in politics as a speechwriter for a U.S. senator and a senatorial candidate. He also worked to register voters in Mississippi in 1971. Additionally he served on the advisory committee to the City Council on the commercial development and affordable housing linkage fees policy. He has worked in real estate, and as a corporate attorney and supports financing for affordable housing, properly maintaining open space and municipalization of city utilities.

Aaron Brockett was chair of the city’s Planning Board when he was elected to City Council in 2015. He has pledged to continue working for housing affordability, improved cycling, pedestrian, and transit facilities and safety; to support entrepreneurs, small businesses and non-profits; for social justice; and fight climate change at the local level. He is also committed to improvements in local and regional transit; and finishing the city’s South Boulder Creek flood mitigation project.

Rachel Friend graduated from law school at Notre Dame and now represents asylum seekers who have been detained and imprisoned by federal immigration authorities. She wants to advance Boulder’s social justice and flood mitigation efforts, and “governance that emphasizes facts, data, transparency especially around transportation, housing and the environment.” Her public service includes working Moms Demand Action and Colorado Ceasefire gun control advocacy groups.


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    Boulder City Council Candidates: Wallach, Brockett and Friend KGNU News

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