Women and divorce and widowhood

“The divorce rate for boomers, those 50 plus, has doubled in the last 20 years.”

Joan Rogliano is a realtor who went through her own divorce about 15 years ago. As a realtor she worked with a lot of families going through a divorce and often encountered women who were losing their homes in the divorce process “I came to the conclusion that we needed to get some education out to the general public to let them know that when they’re going through this transition of divorce, they do have options, when dealing with the family home, because the family home, besides being the largest financial investment they have, is usually a very, very emotional decision.”

Rogliano created the Wildflower Women’s Organization, a grassroots organization designed to help women by providing support and empowerment to them in times of transition like divorce and widowhood.

Rogliano says most women are placed in a very compromised financial situation after divorce “this has a trickle down effect because women are usually the primary care-givers for the kids and when they are stretched financially and emotionally it usually has an effect on the children.”

The divorce rate for baby boomers has doubled in the last 20 years, it is the fastest growing segment in the divorce community. The average age of a widow is 56.

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Wildflower Women’s Group is hosting a National Celebration of Women in Bloom aimed at helping women transitioning into divorce and widowhood, Saturday September 19th from 8.30am to noon at the Wellshire Event Center in Denver. Alice Borodkin, a former CO State Representative and author and women’s rights advocate will give the key note address and the event also features Kim Cowie, one of the first Wildflowers and a global activist working to rescue girls and women from sex trafficking.

There will be a panel discussion that includes Miles Davies (mediation), Shana Judd (mortgage broker), Russ Luna (financial adviser), and Dottie Ricketson (life/relationship coach).

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    Women and divorce and widowhood kgnu




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