Wind Energy Industry Creating Jobs in Colorado

A report released Wednesday June 3rd, by the Rocky Mountain chapter of Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2) shows that more than 2,500 permanent and temporary jobs in the wind industry have been created in Colorado since September 2011.

Colorado has between 6,000 and 7,000 people working at more than 50 wind farms and manufacturing plants, which counts as nearly 10 percent of the nation’s wind industry jobs, according to the report.

The Winds of Change report says that the wind industry has made nearly $5 billion in investments in the state and generates nearly $8 million in annual lease payments to farmers, rancher and other landowners for allowing wind turbines to be placed on their property.

The E2 report said use of wind energy has saved Colorado nearly $20 million in buying fuel to generate electricity from other sources.

In April the American Wind Energy Association  released a report which showed that Colorado leads all other states for jobs related to wind-energy manufacturing.

Colorado is home to The North American facilities of a Danish wind turbine manufacturer.   Vestas Wind Systems has been adding workers lately at its four factories in Colorado.

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