Weed Between the Lines: Marijuana Lawsuits in Colorado

This week Leland Rucker takes a look at two lawsuits filed recently in federal court that seek to shut down Colorado’s legal marijuana industry. Both suits allege that that the state’s recreational marijuana laws are in violation of federal law.


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The anti-drug group Safe Streets and three other plaintiffs, name several Colorado lawmakers, including Gov. John Hickenlooper alleging that the lawmakers and state regulators are violating federal law by allowing a marijuana industry in the state.

One of the plaintiffs in the suits is New Vision Hotels Two, the corporate owner of a Holiday Inn in Colorado. They are also citing federal racketeering laws in a suit against a number of marijuana business owners. The law suit has prompted a backlash against New Vision Hotels, the owner of Holiday Inn, Hampton Inn, Hilton in Colorado. Several hotels around the state were picketed by protesters last week who are calling for a boycott of the hotel chain.

Leland Rucker writes the Weed Between The Lines Column for the Boulder Weekly.



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