The Christmas House in Longmont

Update: This story was originally broadcast in December 2015, the Martinez house is once again lit up for the holiday season with new segments on display in 2018.


For more than 30 years, Tom and Debbie Martinez have created a Christmas wonderland of lights and decorations at their home on Lincoln Place in Longmont.  The Martinez Christmas Display has become a destination point for people from all over the region. “We’ve had people even coming from Cheyenne Wyoming who said “we were just here visiting and our friends brought us here and now we make it a tradition to drive that far to come and see it every year” and we hear stories like that all the time.”

What started with a simple string of lights 34 years ago has grown to a display that includes a manger scene, Mickey Mouse’s castle, Snoopy’s Dog House and a specially built doll house.

Debbie Martinez says that over the years people have given them letters of thanks and children have drawn pictures of the display.  In recent years visitors have donated money to cover the costs of the electricity bill “I don’t think in about 10 years we’ve had to pay the electricity bill because the gracious people have done that for us.”

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