Tech Talks: World of Finance Part 2

In part two in our World of Finance series, our producer Keyri Andrade speaks with Gene Elder, a business degree graduate whose focus is marketing and management.

As we talk about the industry, Gene mentions that many go to school for his job, and although it is possible to work as a financial advisor with certificates, gaining success is the difficult part of it. With a change in the industry, he believes that there are a lot of good jobs for different people. Gene shares his opinion with us, specifically on the good and bad things about technology and how it plays a role with clientele interactions and other developments.

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    Tech Talks: World of Finance Part 2 kgnu

Host: Keyri Andrade, Isaiah Tinajero, Joana Valle Students at Skyline High School

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    Tech Talks: World of Finance Part 2 kgnu

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