Tech Talks: Longmont Festival on Main

The Longmont Festival on Main is an annual two day event that invites locals to come and see what’s going on in their community. There are booths from different organizations such as the Longmont Art Museum, the Longmont Humane Society, and the local 4-H club. Local restaurants set up booths as well, so festival goers can grab a bite to eat while they listen to local artists on the main stage.

Longmont Festival On MainThis year, the Innovation Center held a booth both nights, featuring a variety of the activities that go on. We featured our Robotics teams and their partners along with some small pieces from the machine team. It’s fairly obvious that lots of people come to the festival, but how they got there was sort of a mystery. Our radio team knew about the festival because of our booth, but how had the rest of Longmont known?

At the festival, Skyline HS students Lena Weisman and Hannah Schineller spoke with festival goers about how they had heard about the festival and how technology had gotten them more involved in their community.

Here’s what they had to say:

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    Tech Talks: Longmont Festival on Main kgnu


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    Tech Talks: Longmont Festival on Main kgnu

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