Tech Talks: Fitness Apps – Workouts

Summer is just over the horizon, and many people are feeling a renewed concern for their health and level of fitness. It can be difficult to get into shape, but with the help of a smartphone, the journey may be a lot easier.

Over the next three weeks we will be looking at a variety of apps to help with the three main aspects of health: working out, eating right, and resting well.

This week we looked at four apps centered around working out and keeping on track with a workout plan. They are all little to no cost and have received high ratings from reviewers. 

These apps and others like them can assist in your workout. The most important part is finding a method that works for you, and if these apps aren’t the best fit, there are plenty of other apps available to test out and work with.

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    Tech Talks: Fitness Apps – Workouts kgnu

Hosts: Megan Little, Sr. Niwot HS, Hannah Schineller, Sr. Skyline HS

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    Tech Talks: Fitness Apps – Workouts kgnu

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