Tech Talks: Cyberbullying

On this week’s episode of tech talks we will be discussing cyberbullying – bullying that takes place over a digital device through text or social media sites. On today’s episode we are looking at some data around Cyberbullying.  We researched the data that is out there and interviewed high school students from different backgrounds.  What did we find?  We found that the perceptions of Cyberbullying may be different than the data.  Let’s hear what several students have to say.  After interviewing, we noticed that not a lot of people talk about cyberbullying, and students aren’t really cyberbullied. In conclusion, we want to ask you, our listeners, is our society promoting cyber bullying?


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    Tech Talks: Cyberbullying kgnu

With Isaiah Tinajero, Keyri Andrade, Kimberly Fung, and Kat Croft  

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    Tech Talks: Cyberbullying kgnu

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